Wired or Wireless

There is a lot of discussion about whether to go wireless or wired within the home, but to even answer that question properly there’s so many things to consider and probably not enough space on this particular blog entry to ever do it any justice.. For me both have there place and both will bring … Continue reading


The location of your NodeCentral is key decision to make, many will look to the loft (within a rack) as the ideal place but for others it’ll be the lounge and within a suitable AV cabinet/unit. In the past it was often seen as an ugly set up that needed to be hidden away or … Continue reading

My Node Central

Welcome to Node Central this is my blog site to share my love of all things Node Central (Node Zero) related… I will do the best to keep this up to date with the work that I’m doing on my house and the grand plan I have for the rest of the world 😉 I … Continue reading