Wired or Wireless

There is a lot of discussion about whether to go wireless or wired within the home, but to even answer that question properly there’s so many things to consider and probably not enough space on this particular blog entry to ever do it any justice..

For me both have there place and both will bring benefits over the other plus, it’s largely down to the potential you have to make use one or the other. If you are looking to distrusted lots of data or uncompressed information (via Baluns) the wired really is your best option. But if you want flexibility wireless brings many additional benefits.

So my answer (albeit a short one) is one that’s well and truly on the fence, as I love the benefits of them both. The core of my house is wired, but to provide flexibility, wireless functionality helps us a lot. I mean, who would not want to roam freely around the house on their iPad or laptop, rather than being cabled/chained to a desk somewhere. And while my fixed appliances like the NAS, TV, media PCs etc are all hard wired, the router provides wireless access for many other items to connect in.

Hope that helps..

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