Finally! Sweet Music & Second Base With MiCasaVerde Vera..

After the first date with Vera that left me wondering what I’d let myself into, I was determined to make it work, and I was determined to avoid resorting to alcohol to make all subsequent dates bearable 😉

So after a good nights sleep I decided to try once again to make a Sonos Living Room device appear on my Vera UI5 Dashboard. With the wiki in hand I tried again, but this time the only change I made was to add an additional file reference during the device creation and it worked, it was there on the ‘dash’ ! Now i have no idea if that was required or not, or maybe it was just a complete coincidence and had nothing to do with it – but who cares I’m back I’m the game (and Vera has not been given the elbow out of our intended marital home!).


So onwards and hopefully upwards, with my next task to see if the device even worked and if it could actually play a track on the Sonos. To do this I needed to make a Scene, which can be found under the Automation tab, which is certainly an area (once all your devices are in place) that you can spend quite a bit of time. (Quick Side Note) One of the cost savers I saw when designing my home set up was to use my Sonos as an alarm, rather than splashing out £50 for a dedicated strobe and siren unit, now the question is to see if it works. So, with a new (blank) scene open, I followed the instruction and went to the Advanced tab to build the actions I wanted my scene to take – first I chose the device from the drop down list and then selected the ‘SetFileToPlay’ option, updating the corresponding value to show the full network location of an mp3 track I knew was also listed within the Sonos library. Next I choose the ‘Play’ command from the list and finally clicked save.


Now the real test, from the user interface I clicked on my new Scene and wow!! It worked !!

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