Home Automation Games – The Next Great Gaming Adventure

With the considerable help of @RexBeckett on the Micasaverde forum, I was able to finally realise my first HA (Home Automation) / TTS (Text To Speech) game. Ok so it’s not quite to the level of sophistication/AI that some might like, but it’s a great toe tip in the water and can give you some … Continue reading

EZMotion 3in1 Z-Wave Sensor

While most Z-Wave devices do just the one job, you will also come across a few that try to combine a number or devices into the one, such as the Express Controls EZmotion 3 in 1 sensor, which seeks to provide light, temp and motion sensing functionality. If you decide to buy one, be prepared … Continue reading

Adding Some Heat Into My Relationship With Vera

Danfoss Living Comfort Thermostatic Radiator Valve. Living in an old house, with only one and a half thick brick walls with no cavities or insulation, our home loses heat like you would not believe! And the worst room of all is my daughter’s bedroom which has 3 external walls, each one competing to suck out … Continue reading

Now Vera’s Working In 433Mhz – There’s A World Of Different Protocols

Once you have the RFXrtx433 controller and plug-in installed you now need to start looking at the protocols you want it to process/use and you can do this by accessing the Settings tab of the RFX433 Controller device. By default, you may notice a number already switched on (not sure why) but it’s now time … Continue reading

Working With Vera On a Different Frequency (RFXCOM’s RFXrtx433)

If you would like Vera to work with non Z-Wave wireless home automation equipment (such as the LightwaveRF devices) then look no further than the RFXCOM RFXrtx433. This little unit gives you the ability to communicate with a large number of products that operate within in the 433Mhz spectrum. The picture below shows you what … Continue reading