Workflow (iOS) App – Automation. Vera Smarter Home Control workout..

As a fan of all things home automation , my interest was tweaked when I heard about an automation app that allows you to do some cool things from scratch on your iOS device. So having spent the last few nights playing with DeskConnect’s Workflow (iOS) app, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve done. … Continue reading

Home Automation Games – The Next Great Gaming Adventure

With the considerable help of @RexBeckett on the Micasaverde forum, I was able to finally realise my first HA (Home Automation) / TTS (Text To Speech) game. Ok so it’s not quite to the level of sophistication/AI that some might like, but it’s a great toe tip in the water and can give you some … Continue reading

Now Vera’s Working In 433Mhz – There’s A World Of Different Protocols

Once you have the RFXrtx433 controller and plug-in installed you now need to start looking at the protocols you want it to process/use and you can do this by accessing the Settings tab of the RFX433 Controller device. By default, you may notice a number already switched on (not sure why) but it’s now time … Continue reading

Wired or Wireless

There is a lot of discussion about whether to go wireless or wired within the home, but to even answer that question properly there’s so many things to consider and probably not enough space on this particular blog entry to ever do it any justice.. For me both have there place and both will bring … Continue reading